Emerald Amenties: Blackmer Dr

posted Dec 9, 2012, 11:10 PM by Eric Meyer   [ updated Dec 12, 2012, 12:32 PM ]

Project Description: Trail head amenities at the junction of Backmer Dr., Routt St. and Fairview Drive a proposed new angled parking, and a full restroom with bike washing station.  A rendering of this project location is shown below.

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Project Specific Benefits:

Currently, Emerald Mountain is accessible via three trailheads: The Stables at the Rodeo Grounds, Mile Run (adjacent to Howelsen Lodge), and Blackmer Drive.  Both the Rodeo Grounds and Mile Run provide adequate parking for visitors, however these routes are limiting to families and beginner riders due to the steep grade of the trails.  In contrast, Blackmer drive provides much easier access up Emerald’s trail network.  However, the current on-street parking situation on Fairview Street at the Blackmer trailhead limits opportunities for visitors and creates a congested bottleneck for the Fairview neighborhood.  Construction of two angled paved parking lots, new restroom, and a bike washing station will help alleviate resource damage to this area and will enhance user experience.