Morning Gloria Trail

posted Nov 3, 2012, 11:07 PM by Eric Meyer   [ updated Aug 8, 2013, 1:03 PM ]

Project Description: The Morning Gloria Trail is named in honor of the late Gloria Gossard, a longtime Steamboat resident and philanthropist who gifted 120-acres to protect Emerald Mountain. The primary purpose of this trail is to provide a more accessible route and easier grade to the top of Emerald Mountain. Morning Gloria’s 5 miles of multi-use trail will help disperse the growing number of users on Emerald Mountain, reducing both resource damage and user conflict.

This layout will change during the final design process but will be based on final trail layout while maintaining the design parameters.  Final layout will be in the same general location as shown in the preliminary layout.  The flagged trail will be walked with land managers for final approval before construction begins.  The intent is to build this trail with possible machine assistance, maintaining the Trail Clearing & Tread Width criteria established for Emerald Mountain Park managed land on the Steamboat side of Emerald Mountain as found in the Memorandum of Understanding between RCR-IMBA and EMP. This trail is suggested to be a multiple use trail and will be approximately 5-8% average grades and be designed with IMBA’ suggested design parameters to help ensure a sustainable trail.  Optional, directional features for downhill traffic along side the natural flow of the trail may be requested for approval once the main route is flagged.  Any features would conform to current conservation easements and would be built to the guidelines set forth by IMBA’s newest publication due for sale fall 2013 to ensure to maximize sustainability and minimize risk.

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