Emerald Mt: Dual Slalom Course

posted Nov 3, 2012, 11:07 PM by Eric Meyer   [ updated Aug 8, 2013, 1:08 PM ]

Project Description: The primary purpose of this project is to provide a purpose built course for slalom-style mountain bike riding.  This trail will offer a similar experience as the Juxtaposing alpine slide where riders can ride side by side through berms and over rollers and jumps while racing each other to the bottom.  This will also provide yet another competition venue.

This is the bike park zone where larger features would be appropriate as it is low on the mountain and accessible from the chair lift.  A place where riders can hone their skills on technical and challenging features and also provides a training area for the SSWSC cycling programs.  This layout is subject to change during the final design process but will be based on attached trail(s) layout while maintaining IMBA design parameters.  Final layout will be in the same general location as shown in the preliminary layout.   The flagged trail will be walked with land managers for final approval before construction begins.  The intent is to machine build/hand finish these bike park style trails to IMBA standards.  These trails are suggested to be, bikes only directional flow trails.  Natural and/or man made features will be a part of the finished trail including wooden features, berms & jumps.  Any features would conform to any applicable conservation easements and would be built to the guidelines set forth by IMBA’s newest publication of bike park standards, due for sale fall 2013, to ensure maximum sustainability and minimum risk.  This trail will start on or near The Cross Roads intersection and end below Robby’s Cut.   Any conflict with crossing existing trails will be mitigated with signage and trail features that force the directional rider to safe speed before the crossing.  Trail designers will work closely with SSWSC to ensure that the end product will be a benefit to the clubs summer and winter programs.

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