From the: Routt National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

"Conclusion -- Routt National Forest Wilderness Need As Table C-4 shows, the capable and available roadless areas on the Routt do provide some opportunity to increase wilderness representation of the cover types shown. However, based on an evaluation of all the above criteria and discussions with the Forest staff and District Rangers, it appears that there is no need for additional wilderness on the Routt National Forest. Analysis of the above criteria does not indicate "... clear evidence of current or future public need for additional designated wilderness." There does, however, seem to be a need to continue providing non-wilderness primitive backcountry opportunities as the use trends in these areas appears to be increasing. "

From the: Colorado Roadless Rule

Colorado Roadless Rule clearly states that even upper tier acres as defined by the Colorado Roadless Rule are NOT to be managed as de facto wilderness.

    Upper tier acres are not a designation of de facto wilderness. Upper tier only restricts tree cutting, road construction and use of LCZs. Upper tier allows for the use of motorized and mechanized equipment, while official wilderness does not. Upper tier allows for motorized recreation, including future development of off-highway vehicle trails;”

Per the Colorado Roadless Rule, Pg 39610 lines 238 & 239 show that the Long Park and Mad Creek CRA's (Colorado Roadless Areas) contain no “upper tier acres”