Colorado Roadless Area

Are trails appropriate in Colorado Roadless Areas?

Understanding the Colorado Roadless Rule (and Areas)
The Colorado Roadless Rule does NOT restrict trail construction or maintenance. 

Colorado Roadless Areas

Federal Register/Vol. 77, No. 128/Tuesday, July 3, 2012/Rules and Regulations Part II Department of Agriculture Forest Service 36 CFR Part 294 Special Areas; Roadless Area Conservation; Applicability to the National Forests in Colorado; Final Rule

Decision Rationale

The final rule does not prohibit use of existing authorized motorized trails nor does it prohibit the future development of motorized trails in CRAs (see 36 CFR 294.46(f)).

Comments on the Proposed Rule and Changes Made in Response

Examples of activities not otherwise prohibited include but are not limited to trail construction and maintenance; hazard tree removal along trails;

Many projects, such as trail construction projects or reissuance of a grazing permit, are not subject to the final rule and therefore, may not be appropriate for State involvement.

None of the alternatives affect access or use of existing roads and trails, including motorized travel on roads and trails, nor do they regulate recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, mountain biking, summer/ winter motorized recreation and skiing.

Upper tier acres are not a designation of de facto wilderness. Upper tier only restricts tree cutting, road construction and use of LCZs. Upper tier allows for the use of motorized and mechanized equipment, while official wilderness does not. Upper tier allows for motorized recreation, including future development of off-highway vehicle trails;”  

§294.41 Definitions.

Road: As defined at 36 CFR 212.1, the term means a motor vehicle route over 50 inches wide, unless identified and managed as a trail.

"Colorado Roadless Areas Upper Tier Acres: A subset of Colorado Roadless Areas identified in a set of maps maintained at the national headquarters office of the Forest Service which have limited exceptions to provide a high- level of protection for these areas."

§294.46 Other activities.

(e) Trails. Nothing in this subpart shall affect the current or future management of motorized and non-motorized trails in Colorado Roadless Areas.

§294.49 List of designated Colorado Roadless Areas.

Routt National Forest

 Line No. Colorado roadless area nameIncludes upper tier acres? 
 238 Long Park No
 239 Mad Creek No


If you feel trails are not appropriate in Colorado Roadless Areas, please send us your reasoning behind your opinion so the public can see both sides. 
Eric Meyer,
Nov 20, 2018, 11:14 AM