Bicycle Colorado is helping advance cycling in Colorado.  Check out the Bicycle Colorado eNews (last article in the list) showing how you can too with a simple facebook vote for a share of $100,000 for cycling projects in Colorado (Vote Here).  We can all have better cycling amenities not only in Steamboat Springs, but all across Colorado.  The funding that is on the line up here in Steamboat is substantial.  If the city council decides to fund trails in and outside of town, it will greatly benefit cycling for years to come. 

Thanks for your time,
Steamboat Springs Trails Alliance

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Voting Directions

Thank you for your support.  You will be enjoying new trails soon.

One that is ready to be built this summer pending the final walk through with BLM specialists is: the "Wild Rose Trail"

If you are here in town, come kick of the Build 7/11-7/14 with the IMBA Trail Care Crew when they visit Steamboat Springs.

If you are considering visiting Steamboat this summer, we'll get this trail open as soon as we can on a shoe string budget.

Donations to Routt County Riders, an IMBA Chapter, commenting on other proposed projects and telling the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Assoc. you came here to bike will make all of these trails a reality.  Please help in any way that you can.  

Need advice on where to ride?  Shoot us an email at:  You'll be getting advice from the people who built and maintain many of the area trails.  You might even get a little fresh trail info that is not on the map yet to tell your close friends if you choose!

Steamboat Springs Trails Alliance